Week 6 – San Francisco Seafood Stew


For week six we decided to go with a Bobby Flay recipe we found in the 2006 Food and Wine year of recipes book.  Its a simple to make, yet very flavorful, seafood stew.  The main ingredients are red snapper, littleneck clams, and shrimp.  The flavors come from the chicken stock, clam juice, white wine, shallots, garlic, canned tomatoes, thyme, a bay leaf, parsley, a few dashes of tabasco, and some butter.

This stew is prefect any night of the week because from start to finish it only takes 30 minutes.  In a soup pot you start by cooking the shallots and garlic until they are softened, about 3 minutes, add the liquids, tomatoes, thyme, and bay leaf, bring to a boil and reduce for 10 minutes.  Add the clams, cover, and cook until most of them open, about 5 minutes, add the shrimp and red snapper and cook for another couple of minutes, until the rest of the clams have opened and the shrimp are done. Using a slotted spoon transfer the seafood to serving bowls, and add the parsley and butter to the soup pot and cook for another minute.  Spoon the broth over the seafood and you are done.  We served it with some sourdough toast.

This is another keeper.  We will be making this again.


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