Week 2 – Steak with Shallot Sauce and Lentils with Vinaigrette


So for week 2 we decided to stay in Europe but since we just got back from a holiday trip to France we went with 2 recipes from the Williams Sonoma Paris book (not all our cookbooks come from Williams Sonoma, we’ll be getting to others in weeks 3 and 4).  For those who are interested, the dishes in French are Onglet Aux Echalottes and Lentilles Tiedes A La Vinaigrette.

Both dishes required some chopping, and you have to pay attention to timing to get get them both on the plate hot.  Nothing too difficult.  We’ve both had lentils before but only in soups, never on their own.  In this recipe lentils are cooked with carrots, celery, shallots, garlic, white wine, thyme, parsley, and a bay leaf.  When they’re done mix in a little heavy cream and some sherry vinegar.  We enjoyed them a lot.

We also loved the steak.  Its basically a panfried hanger steak with a sauce made with a lot of shallots, some dry red wine, and beef stock.  Very yummy and it paired really well with the lentils.  Both are keepers.


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