Week 1 – Tuscan Ribollita


Ribollita is a Tuscan bread and white bean soup.  The first time we had Ribollita was in a little restaurant in Florence Italy, overlooking the Arno river and the Ponte Vecchio.  It was a cold December day and Susan and I needed a break from playing tourist to warm up and recharge. The soup and the setting were both wonderful.  Making and eating it brought back a lot of good memories. We thought it was appropriate for our week 1 recipe.

It’s very simple yet very yummy soup.  This particular recipe came from the Williams Sonoma Slow Cooker cookbook.  We made a couple of changes to the recipe.  We added a couple of fresh tomatoes that we had in the fridge, doubled up on the garlic, and added some dried oregano to go with the thyme and bay leaf.  It made enough that we had leftovers which were even better the next day!  Enjoy with a glass of your favorite red wine.

With the crock pot this one is easy.  Let us know if you want the full recipe.


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